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The aim of the current call for proposals (start September 19,2022) at the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) is the concrete development of a partnership on the basis of transnational project work. New technologies and medical innovations from Israeli companies are to be further developed together with Charité and BIH researchers so that they can be made available to patients in Germany and around the world. Israel has the highest density of startups in the world and regularly impresses with its innovative strength. Startups that have applied for the project (application deadline Startups November 14, 2022) and are selected (decision September 2023) will receive partial funding from the IIA and access to the resources and expertise of Charité and BIH. The goal is to establish a cooperation with a Charité/BIH researcher. Only together with a project partner can funding be provided by the IIA.

Other partners within the International Health-Tech Pilot Program are  (in alphabetic order) Hartford HealthCare (HCC), Conneticut, USA, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA, Northern Health Science Alliance in the UK, and Thomas Jefferson University, Pennsylvania, USA. Like Charité and BIH, they are all available as potential collaboration partners for the Israeli startups and offer the highest quality for piloting, testing, adapting and optimizing new medical technologies and services.

1 - Conditions of participation

The cooperation is aimed at researchers at Charité/ BIH who are interested in collaborating on a research project with a startup from Israel / may already have an existing cooperation. This is explicitly not a cooperation between research groups but a cooperation with an Israeli company that meets the criteria of a startup.

The companies available for collaboration will be announced on this website in early January 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Hana Hastor (Project Coordination, Clinical Trial Unit of the Clinical Study Center, Charité - BIH) or Dr. Verena Benz (International Startup Partnerships, Charité BIH Innovation, CBI).

2 - Application and selection process

Researchers from Charité / BIH are eligible to participate in the program. This includes directors of studies, postdocs and graduates. Each application must be signed by a research group leader who is an employee at BIH, Charité or MDC. The CSC and CBI are looking for researchers interested in collaborating with an Israeli startup. The list of available collaboration partners was published in January 2023. Existing collaborations are welcome to reach out to the above contacts for more information at any time. The CSC can assist in contacting them, provide information as well as assist in preparing the application. The Israeli startups have applied for funding with the IIA in advance.

3 - Formal criteria

Applicants must have a license to practice medicine, or an equivalent scientific qualification. Teams can apply. Additional funding by third parties of the same project is not possible. At least one applicant must be an employee of Charité/BIH.

Here you can find further information on the International Health-Tech Pilot Program.

Contact persons

  • Dr. Hana Hastor

    Medical Advisor

    Clinical Study Center (CSC), Clinical Trial Unit (CTU)

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 643 687
  • Dr. med. Sein Schmidt

    Wissenschaftlicher und Medizinischer Leiter der Clinical Trial Unit des Clinical Study Center (CSC), BIH, Charité