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CAEHR - Cardiovascular Diseases - Enhancing Healthcare through Cross-sectional Data Integration

CAEHR is short for "CArdiovascular Diseases - Enhancing Healthcare through cross-Sectoral Routine data integration". The central goal is to improve existing treatment options, for example in cases of coronary heart disease, heart failure or stroke. As different as cardiovascular diseases are, they have one thing in common: their consequences are often chronic and require long-term support. The strict separation between inpatient and outpatient care is one of the biggest obstacles to optimal patient treatment. The CAEHR project therefore aims to improve regional care for cardiovascular patients through intersectoral networking - linking emergency care, inpatient care, rehabilitation and aftercare. CAEHR is intended to help ensure that in the future structured data can be collected at all points in the care system according to uniform standards and used throughout the entire care chain in order to make more precise predictions about the course of the disease, to improve treatment, and to be able to use preventive measures more effectively.


Alexander Bartschke

Research Fellow


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