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How the REWARD programme works

The reward of 1,000 EUR will be played out in a lottery procedure. This means that your laboratory publishes 2 of its protocols on protocols.io and you receive a ticket for the lottery.

The two protocols can be from the same author, but do not have to be. However, the authors of the protocols must work for the same group leader.

The more protolle you publish, the more raffle tickets you receive and the higher your chances of winning. 

A winning ticket will be drawn every three months until the end of the year (31.12.2023). Non-winning tickets remain in the lottery pot for future draws. So your chances of winning increase once again if you are quick.

To receive a ticket, register your published protocols here.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The protocol must be shared publicly with a DOI; created after 01 January 2023.
  • Authors must have knowledge, expertise and experience with protocols.
  • Previously published protocols in a peer-reviewed journal (e.g. methods papers) are acceptable
  • The protocol must contain reusable step-by-step sequences, a material section and a short summary.
  • The protocol should be enriched with media (pictures, videos, screenshots, links) to better illustrate the protocol or certain steps
  • The shared method must be reusable by others (i.e. clinical trial protocols are excluded)

Further information on access and authorisations for employees of the Charité and the BIH for protocols.io, tutorials, courses or FAQs can be found here on the service pages of the QUEST Center.

Dr. René Bernard

Quality manager | Project manager - Value and Open Science (Exzellenzcluster NeuroCure, Charite)

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