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The pharmaceutical industry, as well as academic basic science, depend on robust data and scientific rigor for decision making, patent strength and time-to-market for novel patient treatment options. Recent publications challenge the quality of research data, which may impact translatability and predictability of preclinical models. There is a need for simple, sustainable solutions that improve data quality.

The objectives of the IMI project EQIPD are to:

  • enable the development of quality criteria for future preclinical tests
  • develop consensus quality management system for the non-regulated R&D in industry and academia to enhance the quality of decisions made based on experimental, exploratory or hypothesis-testing data
  • develop an online educational platform on scientific quality principles which catalyses the cultural change needed to enhance quality value and sustainability of the findings of preclinical research

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Dr. René Bernard

Quality manager | Project manager - Value and Open Science (Exzellenzcluster NeuroCure, Charité)

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Phone:+49 30 450 539 706