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This is a follow-up project to the performance-oriented allocation of funds (LOM) at medical faculties with updated data, including the map of university medicine (Landkarte Hochschulmedizin) and the Federal Statistical Office, as well as targeted own research on the basis of earlier analyses within the framework of the BMBF project "Governance University Medicine" (GOMED), which Dr. Krempkow headed in 2013.

University medicine is an acceptable subject for investigation, since LOM has been implemented over a decade as a competitive incentive and is applied nationwide in all medical faculties. Output-oriented indicators such as publication performance and third-party funding are compared as input parameters to LOM and competing behaviour is investigated using multivariate analyses. In addition, the stability of governance structures is critically examined as a further characteristic, as well as whether and to what extent frequent interventions and changes in LOM systems are de facto beneficial. Document analyses, online survey data as well as publication and citation data are used in order to take a more versatile look at the question and to compensate for the weaknesses of individual methods.

Thus, on the basis of updated data and taking into account the size of the individual medical faculties, this work should lead to an updated overall assessment of the intended and unintended effects of LOM research and show how LOM acts as an incentivizer to increase scientific performance in medical research.

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Dr. Miriam Kip, MPH

Research group leader | CoARA representative Charité and BIH

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