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The BIH has set itself the goal of establishing an organizational culture that is sensitive to gender and diversity and of creating organizational structures that enable everyone to reach their full potential, that accept modern ways of working and living as well as diverse gender roles and identities, and that recognize and dismantle discriminatory structures.  

Equal opportunities work continues to focus on promoting women scientists and scientist with trans*, inter* and non-binary gender identities and increasing the numbers of these scientists in areas where they have previously been underrepresented, as well as on reconciling work and family life. At the same time, however, we also want to take a look at other social and societal inequalities and expand our focus to include other groups that have a history of being disadvantaged in science. In addition, addressing sex and gender aspects in research helps improve the quality of translational research and increase the medical benefits for patients.  

The specific measures are divided into four areas:  

  • Individual level 

  • Structural level 

  • Organizational culture 

  • Sex and gender aspects in research 

Equality- and Diversity Strategy BIH 2021/2025

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