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Gender Equality Fund

BIH wants to promote the research activities of women scientists and clinicians. Mid-career women scientists (postdocs, junior clinical scientists, clinical scientists, junior professors, junior group leaders) from the BIH with family obligations can apply for research support through the BIH Gender Equality Fund and receive funding to hire a student assistant. The BIH Gender Equality Fund is announced once a year. Sign up for our mailing list to hear about future funding opportunities. 

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Female Career Programm

BIH is committed to equal opportunities in the scientific and academic workplace. The "female career@BIH" program offers various workshops, professional development trainings and coaching for early- and mid-career women scientists. Workshops include topics such as personal career development, rhetoric and presentation, leadership skills and conflict Management. 

The BIH also cooperates with the Charité Mentoring Program for Women Scientists and offers BIH scientists 1-2 places every year.  

Events and Workshops

Mentoring Programs

There are various mentoring programs that specifically support women scientists on their career path. Mentoring is a good way to get individual support from a mentor, to network with other mentees, and to learn from and with each other in workshops. Here you will find a selection of relevant mentoring programs for women scientists.

These external mentoring programmes are explicitly aimed at women scientists, but at the BIH we specifically also want to support people with a trans*, inter* or non-binary gender identity in their scientific careers. For this reason, the Equal Opportunities Office offers the possibility to contact the mentoring programmes to find a suitable individual solution. If you are interested, please send an email to karin.höhne(at)bih-charite.de or celia.prast(at)bih-charite.de.

Contact Person

Karin Höhne

Equal Opportunity Officer

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 048