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Last year, around 40 fellows successfully completed the (Junior) (Digital) Clinician Scientist Programs. The BIA took this pleasing circumstance as an opportunity to present its program graduates with their graduation certificates on August 30, 2022 in the "Festsaal Kreuzberg". Among the speakers were Prof. Dr. Christopher Baum, Chairman of the BIH Board of Directors and Director of the Charité Translational Research Unit, Prof. Dr. Axel R. Pries, Dean of the Charité University Medicine Berlin, and PD Dr. Peter Bobbert, President of the Berlin Medical Association.  Prof. Dr. Christof von Kalle, BIH Chair for Clinical Translational Sciences and Director of the Clinical Study Center gave a stimulating keynote speech on the topic "Clinical Translational Sciences. Digital Transformation in Medicine and Research." After two years of corona-induced pause or virtual arrangement, the event could now be held again ceremoniously in presence. We are pleased about an all-around successful evening including the cozy end in the beer garden with about 100 participants from site!