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The BIH Charité Advanced Clinician Scientist Pilot Program (AdCSP) differs from conventional CS programs in that it aims to achieve a close link between individual support and structural changes in Charité's departments and institutes; a concept that was developed and implemented in 2020 by the former BIA director Prof. Dragun in close cooperation with a local steering committee. Initially, six departments with a total of ten fellows were able to prevail in the competitive selection process in the form of individual funding with 50% protected time for research, or tandem funding with 25% protected time each. During the first funding phase, new fellows were already able to "move up" into the program in the funded clinics after the leaving out of three fellows who succeded with externally funded W2 and W3 professorships. The interim evaluation took place as part of a virtual colloquium. The presentations of the funded medical department directors with the positional developments and successes of the fellows, the sustainable structural changes within the departments, as well as the enthusiasm of the fellows convinced the external reviewers and they voted unanimously for the continuation of the program in the second funding period.

You can find more information about AdCSP here.