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Both mechanical and biological processes work together to determine the outcome of musculoskeletal regeneration. Whilst many of the biological factors have been identified and some even brought into clinical practice (BMP's, PDGF, IGF, etc.), the impact of the mechanical environment and the role of the immune system are only recently taken into account. In contrast, the possibility to modulate cellular processes by creating specific environments seems to be a promising strategy to guide tissue formation along endogenous healing cascades towards successful regeneration.

Following Junior Reseach Groups (JRG) are assigned to the work area.

  • JRG "Development of Intra-Operative Cell Therapies" (Dr. Anke Dienelt: BCRT, Charité)
  • JRG "Cellular Biomechanics" (Dr. Ansgar Petersen: BCRT, JWI, Charité)
  • JRG "Controlled Tissue Formation" (Dr. Evi Lippens: BCRT, JWI, Charité)
  • JRG "Physical Cues and Regeneration" (Dr. Amaia Cipitria: BCRT, JWI, Charité)
  • JRG "Prognostic Markers and Targeted Therapy" (Dr. Sven Geißler: BCRT, JWI, Charité)