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The „Responsible Algorithms“ project team focuses on promoting trustworthy algorithms in healthcare, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The group is focused on practical advancements and aims to address the ethical challenges of designing transparent, robust, and reliable algorithms.

To achieve this, „Responsible Algorithms“ conducts extensive research and collaborates with various institutions worldwide, including the Horizon Europe grant consortia VALIDATE, STRATIF-AI, and Health TEF, and the German Ministry for Science and Education's ANONY-MED and INTER-AGENT grant consortia. These initiatives aim to promote responsible AI by supporting scientists and developers in designing responsible algorithms that patients, healthcare professionals, and regulators can trust.

A particular focus of the group is to translate their research into practical service offerings. Thus, the group provides support to Charité researchers in the responsible development of their own AI projects.

"Responsible Algorithms" works to advance the use of AI in healthcare by supporting the responsible translation of algorithms into clinical practice to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Vince I. Madai.