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From June 2–14, 2020, the members of the four BIH Translation Hubs (formerly named Research Platforms) Digital Medicine, Multi Omics, Organoids and Cell Engineering, and Clinical Translation elected new Steering Committees in an online voting process. The new Hub Steering Committees are composed of seven members each and have a term of two years.

Steering Committee Translation Hub Digital Medicine

Prof. Dr. Dr. Felix Balzer, Charité
Prof. Dr. Roland Eils (ex officio), BIH
Prof. Dr. Frederick Klauschen, Charité
Prof. Dr. Fabian Prasser, BIH
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Ritter, Charité
Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter, BIH
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun, BIH 

Steering Committee Translation Hub Clinical Translation

Prof. Dr. Stefan Anker, Charité
Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Eckhardt, Charité
PD Dr. Uta Höpken, MDC
Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel, BIH, Charité
Prof. Dr. Petra Reinke, Charité
Prof. Dr. Birgit Sawitzki, Charité
Prof. Dr. Christof von Kalle (ex officio), BIH

Steering Committee Translation Hub Organoide and Cell Engineering

Dr. Sebastian Diecke, MDC
Dr. Mina Gouti, MDC
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hocke, Charité
Prof. Dr. Igor Sauer, Charité
Prof. Dr. Simone Spuler, Charité, MDC
Dr. Harald Stachelscheid, BIH, Charité
Dr. Sophie Van Linthout, Charité

Steering Committee Translation Hub Multi Omics

Prof. Dr. Nils Blüthgen, Charité
Prof. Dr. David Capper, Charité
Prof. Dr. Angelika Eggert, Charité
Dr. Jan Philipp Junker, MDC-BIMSB
Dr. Jennifer Kirwan, BIH, MDC
Prof. Dr. Marcus Mall, BIH, Charité
Dr. Philipp Mertins, BIH, MDC


Dr. Stefanie Seltmann
Head of Communication & Marketing
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