IT Services

The IT Core Facility provides the essential IT services for BIH which includes the basic setup for the staff and researchers.

The IT Core Facility provides vital administrative services which include:

  • user support
  • network support
  • central storage services
  • E-mail and groupware services
  • Central Server and computing  power   

Clinical Research Data Management

There is currently an evaluation taking place into the creation of a centralized clinical research data repository, which will be able to supply clinical data to the research groups and core facilities of BIH.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Due to the especially intensive computational and large volumes of data in the research areas of BIH, the High Throughput Data platforms provide a high performance computing infrastructure. The HPC infrastructure provides the ability to quickly process and store huge amounts of data, such as those typically generated at the imaging, screening and omics facilities of BIH.


Dr. Peter Brunecker
Mario Domhardt
Björn-Oliver Gohlke
Dirk Raschke
Danilo Schmidt
Mirko Thiesen

Steering Comittee

Martin Peuker, CIO Charité


IT Basic Services

  • Central Virtual Server and Client environments
  • Central Storage Services including Backups
  • Client Management
  • Network Management
  • E-Mail and Groupware

Please contact Mirko Thiesen for questions about access and accounts: or +49 30 450 570763

High Performance Computing (HPC)

4 Dell Servers with 4 Sockets (4xE5-46xx v2; 10 Gb/s Ethernet). Two of those with 512 GB Memory and 2 with 1 TB Memory. 1 Dell Server with 2 Nvidia K20 GPUs (10 Gb/s Ethernet).

Compute Cluster with 90 Compute Knoten (2x E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz; 8 Kernel all; 128 GB Memory; 10 Gb/s Ethernet). 64 of those with 56 Gb/s (FDR) Infiniband interconnect (50% blocking).

1 PB Fast Scratch Space (DDN Hardware with GPFS File System; Native Client Access; 16x10 Gb/s Ethernet). 500 TB  NFS Space (Dell hardware; 10 Gb/s Ethernet).

Training Opportunities

Together with the MDC we will provide regular training courses in the use of the HPC infrastructure. When requested we can also provide courses on scientific programming.