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Inventors for Health (I4H) Program

As of 2019, the Stiftung Charité in collaboration with SPARK-BIH have launched the Inventors for Health Program (I4H). The I4H was initially designed as a pilot program to enhance the development of breakthrough medical innovations and help create a new generation of inventors. This was accomplished by working with early stage medical innovators making use of a medical design thinking approach to develop viable and robust solutions that carefully consider both the potential end user and who would ultimately pay for delivering the solution. Two innovator bootcamps were run during the spring of 2019 and the summer of 2020 for 10 teams and 6 teams were further supported for 12-18 months by SPARK-BIH. The effort was highly successful, leading several teams to receive follow on funding, or found a startup. It is anticipated that the I4H program will be continued in collaboration with SPARK-BIH.


Marvin Stolz

Dr. Tanja Rosenmund