BIH Digital Health Center

Digital medicine is considered medicine of the future. Novel methods and technologies combined with new digital data from the laboratory and the patient’s bedside will enable more precise predictions and personalized therapies. BIH aims to accelerate these revolutionary digital innovations into medical practice by establishing the new BIH Digital Health Center. With Professor Roland Eils, BIH has won over a renowned expert for biomedical informatics, genomics and personalized medicine as head of this center.

"The objective of my research is to understand complex disease-relevant processes using molecular and image-based data", says Roland Eils. “Combining these data with clinical data will render a more accurate picture of a disease so that patients will receive more reliable diagnoses and better fitted therapies in future." To do this, Eils uses methods of artificial intelligence, big data analytics and mathematical modeling.

Digital health “made in Berlin”

Roland Eils has ambitious plans for his research in Berlin. His intention is to expand the Berlin research area into a common data space and create a "hub" for digital health. He also entertains the goal of upscaling the digital health infrastructure, so that the huge flood of data from research and patient care can be used efficiently. Already today his laboratory processes as much data every day as Twitter does with its short messages. In his work the mathematician and molecular biologist profits from the successful establishment of numerous national and international consortia on biomedical informatics and genomics.  Eils is coordinator of the medical informatics consortium HiGHmed, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.