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The broad spectrum of disciplines represented, unmet needs addressed, digital technologies used, and concrete areas of application ranging from prevention to prediction, diagnostics, therapy, and management to stakeholder empowerment and public health are evidence of the immense innovation potential. Coupled with their substantial efforts, alongside professional commitments in research and clinical settings, these teams create new solutions that benefit patients and our society.

Cohort 2023

  • Dr. med. Wolfgang Bauer und Noa Galtung, Department of Emergency Medicine (CBF), Charité:
    Machine Learning Enhanced Test for Infections and Sepsis (METIS)
  • Dr.-Ing. Philipp Damm und Dr.-Ing. Mark Heyland, Julius-Wolff-Institute, Charité/BIH:
    Fracture Fixation Planning for Model-Based Assessment of Fracture Mechanics
  • David Haslacher, M.Sc., und Orestis Rakitzis, M.Sc., Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (CCM), Charité:
    Smartphone-Based Personalized Auditory Stimulation to Enhance Cognition and Memory
  • PD Dr. med. Maria Margarete Karsten und Dr. Therese Pross, Department for Gynecology with Breast Cancer (CCM), Charité:
    Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Digital Aid (IDA)
  • Andrea Kreichgauer, M.Sc., Department of Neurology and Experimental Neurology (CCM), Charité:
    dotPD - Data-Driven Optimization of Parkinson’s Disease
  • PD Dr. med. Christian Meisel, Charité:
    Multimodal Digital Ecosystem for Ambulatory Epilepsy Management (DEEM)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Schlomm und Dr. rer. nat. Annika Fendler, Department of Urology (CCM) Charité:
    An Organoid-Based Machine Learning Classifier to Predict Treatment Response in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer


Cohort 2022

  • Dr. Federico Collettini, Department of Radiology, Charité:
    Wearable Solution for the Early Detection of Acute and Critical Limb Ischemia in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease
  • PD Dr. Katharina Erb-Eigner, Department of Radiology, Charité:
    Autopilot for Identifying Rare and Atypical Diseases
  • Prof. Dr. Tabea Viktoria Flügge, Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Charité:
    Digital Platform for the Early Detection of Oral Pathologies and Telemedical Support
  • Dr. Laura Hatzler, Institute for Sexual Science and Sexual Medicine, Charité:
    Multimodal E-Health Solution for Personalized Medicine in Women's Sexual Health
  • Iris Wing To, Lam/ Dr. Susanne Holzhauer, Clinic for Pediatrics m.S. Oncology and Hematology/ Medical Clinic m. S. Infectiology and Pneumology, Charité:
    Portable Blood Analysis Solution for Personalized Medicine
  • PD Dr. Lena Oevermann, Dr. Jonathan Groß, Clinic for Pediatrics m.S. Oncology and Hematology, Charité:
    Matching and Prediction Tool for Risk of Graft-Versus-Host Disease
  • Dr. Miriam Sebold, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Charité:
    Virtual Reality-based Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder.

Cohort 2020

  • PD Dr. Nikolaus Berndt, Dr. Johannes Eckstein, Biochemistry, Charité:
    Kinetic organ metabolism models for diagnosis, therapy and drug development
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Hufnagl, Norman Zerbe, Pathology, Charité:
    Collaboration platform for the digital pathology of the future
  • Dr. Jakob Kaminski, Psychiatry und Psychotherapy, Charité:
    Patient Reported Outcome application for therapy optimization in severe psychiatric diseases
  • Dr. Sophie Lehnerer, Dr. Lea Gerischer und Prof. Andreas Meisel, Neurology, Charité:
    Telemedicine application for therapy optimization in neurological diseases
  • PD. Dr. Dr. Stefan Niehues, Dr. Keno Bressem, Radiology, Charité:
    An AI-based diagnostic solution for emergency care and the intensive care unit
  • Prof. Dr. Sascha Treskatsch, Dr. Michael Nordine, Anesthesiology, Charité:
    Non-invasive monitoring of cerebral function to improve perioperative neurological outcomes.
  • PD Dr. Angela Relógio, Oncology Systems Biology, Charité:
    A molecular computer-based system for monitoring circadian effects and optimizing cancer therapy
  • PD Dr. Katharina Schmitt, Heart Surgery, Charité und Florian Groß, DHZC:
    A patient engagement platform for long-term clinical follow-up in cardiology
  • Prof. Dr. Dominik Seelow, Robin Steinhaus, Translational Genomics, BIH/Charité:
    Detection of disease-causing DNA sequence variants in monogenic diseases
  • PD Dr. Simon Sündermann, Heart Surgery, Charité, und Prof. Dr. Anja Hennemuth, Cardiovascular Computer-Assisted Medicine, Charité:
    Personalized therapy for heart valve disease

Cohort 2019

  • Dr. Altuna Akalin, Medical Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, MDC:
    Cancer profiling with applications in drug development, diagnostics and therapy in cancer.
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Correll, PD Dr. Olga Geisel, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Charité:
    Diagnosis and therapy of internet gaming addiction
  • Prof. Prof. hc. Dr. Markus van der Giet, Nephrology, Charité:
    Early diagnosis of kidney function
  • Dr. René Hägerling, Human Genetics, Charité:
    System for 3D histopathology
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Peters, Dr. Herlind Megges, Dr. Silka Dawn Freiesleben, Geriatrics, Charité:
    Early detection of Alzheimer's disease
  • Prof. Dr. Simone Spuler, Dr. Elisabetta Gazzerro, Muscle Diseases, Charité/MDC:
    Physiotherapy system for patients with degenerative muscle diseases
  • PD Dr. Andrej Trampuz, Infectiology and Septic Surgery:
    Diagnosis and therapy optimization in implant infections
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Verlohren, Obstetrics, Charité:
    Early detection and remote monitoring of preeclampsia.

Cohort 2018

  • Dr. Julius Emmrich, Dr. Samuel Knauss, Neurology with Experimental Neurology, Charité:
    Healthcare transaction platform for resource-constrained countries (mTOMADY)
  • Prof. Dr. Frederick Klauschen, Pathology, Charité, und Klaus-Robert Müller, Theoretical Computer Science, TU Berlin:
    Diagnostic in pathology and optimization of drug development (AIgnostics)
  • Prof. Dr. Achim Kramer, Imuunology, Charité:
    Diagnostic method in chronobiology
  • Prof. Dr. Titus Kühne, Kai Brosien, Cardiovascular Computer-Assisted Medicine, Charité:
    Diagnostic methods in cardiology
  • Prof. Dr. Falk Schwendicke, Dr. Joachim Krois, Dentistry, Charité:
    Diagnostic method in dentistry (DentalXr.ai)
  • PD Dr. Serafeim Tsitsilonis, Fr. Nevda Kaya, Musculoskeletal Surgery, Charité:
    System for postoperative rehabilitation

Cohort 2017

  • Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey, Radiology, Charité:
    Diagnostic Method for Cardiovascular Application
  • Prof. Dr. Volkmar Falk, Heart Surgery, Charité und Dr. Alexander Meyer, Herzchirurgie, DHZC:
    Prediction of Post-Operative Complications in the Intensive Care Unit (x-cardiac)
  • Dr. Dietmar Frey, Dr. Vince Madai, Neuro Surgery, Charité:
    Diagnostic and Therapy Optimization of Stroke
  • Dr. Florian Michallek, Radiology, Charité:
    Diagnostic Method for Cardiovascular Application


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