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As a basis for the implementation projects in the area of Incentives & Indicators, we intensively examine recommendations of important international and national science organisations on suitable evaluation systems for research.


For some time now, funding agencies, publishers, as well as scientists themselves have been calling for a reform in the evaluation of research performance and research success for research performing organisations (RPOs) and universities, e.g., in appointments or the allocation of internal funding.

On the way there, however, various values and principles have yet to be defined and, along with them, concrete measures for implementation. This involves, on the one hand, the selection of suitable indicators (what to evaluate), and on the other hand, the selection of suitable strategies to reduce the risk of various forms of bias (how to evaluate) in the context of the various goals of research evaluations (why to evaluate).


The aim of the project is to produce an evidence-based, mission-oriented foundation for the formulation of quality- and innovation-oriented principles of "Good Evaluation Practice" for the different areas and levels of research evaluation at BIH and Charité.


The project focuses on the following activities:

  • Document analysis of literature, (inter-)national recommendations, recommendations of major science organisations, including internal documents (strategies, mission papers, etc.).
  • Active participation in several major initiatives such as the EU-wide coalition Advancing Research Assessment and the Research Assessment Reform of the European University Alliance, the UNESCO initiative Recommendations on Open Science, or the working group Responsible Research Indicators of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA).
  • Active involvement of stakeholders at BIH and Charité

The results of this project are an important basis for the various local implementation projects from the field of I&I. At the same time, experiences and results from the implementation projects will be included here.

Expected results / implications / perspectives

  • Formulation of principles of good evaluation practice in research agreed upon with the stakeholders at BIH and Charité and their implementation in the various institutional areas of research evaluation within the framework of separate implementation projects.
  • Early and proactive preparation of the institutions and their scientists with regard to international and national requirements and recommendations of important funding agencies.
  • Contribution to international competitiveness

For more information, please visit the project page on OSF: https://osf.io/pt5ny/

Dr. Miriam Kip, MPH

Research group leader | CoARA representative Charité and BIH

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 055