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Using AI to train the future in the health professions


The combination of a large amount of subject matter in university curricula and the demand to nevertheless teach in a competence-oriented manner requires an individualisation of teaching-learning processes. Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) have been developed to fulfil both of these requirements. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve these systems by supporting and improving the quality of curricula in a wide variety of degree programmes, both as teaching content and as a tool for improving teaching-learning processes. INTER-AGENT will develop an AI-supported intelligent tutoring system (ITS) and an ITS-based, cross-professional certificate programme, which includes application-oriented basics of AI for students in the health professions. The QUEST Center will address the ethical perspective of such an approach.


  1. Development of an AI-supported intelligent ITS
  2. Development of an ITS-based, cross-professional certificate programme that includes application-oriented fundamentals of AI for students in the health professions


Development of knowledge design; learner model; teaching model; and user interface. Ethical framework development. Validation in four use cases.


The ITS and the certificate programme will be transferred to the curriculum of medicine at Charité when the new licensing regulations come into force in 2025. This ensures a sustainable, broad application of the tools in university teaching. The ethical development framework will ensure that this happens according to ethical standards leading to trustworthy AI tools.

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Dr. med. Vince Istvan Madai

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