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QUEST Publication Record

The aim is to create a comprehensive and continuously updated publication body of publications from Charité and BIH.

The aim is to:

  • To monitor possible effects of measures on institutional publication output
  • Evaluate networks and collaborations as well as authorship patterns
  • To provide a database for the development of scientific and scientiometric indicators
  • To identify research and innovation potential to align strategic actions, procurement procedures and quality assurance

Possible characteristics are:

  • Open science, e.g. frequency of primary registrations, public sharing of raw data (open data) and free availability of scientific publications (open access)
  • Scientific rigour and robustness of the data
  • Reporting of null results
  • Sex and gender specific aspects
  • Collaborations and internationality


Dr. Miriam Kip, MPH

Research group leader | CoARA representative Charité and BIH

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 055