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The project series Research on Translation aims at analysing the definition of translational research, contributing to a clearer picture of the organization of translational research, and investigating the implementation of translational research within BIH.

How to understand translational research? How to organize translational research? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the report In search of translational research of the first project.

The report of the second project Organizing translational research provides a thorough description of organizational processes and practices used to establish, organize, and evaluate translational research in key research organizations, relating them to specific institutional settings, different expectations from different actors, and how established routines facilitate barriers or enablers for organizational transformation towards translational research.

In a next step, a survey instrument based on exploratory interviews was developed to investigate the views on translational research within the BIH. The main points of interest were: Where in the (bio)medical process of producing knowledge and effective treatments should translation be improved? Which measures are best suited to improve translation? The Q methodological survey is described here. The summarized results for the surveyed researchers and clinicians of the BIH can be found in the article "Wo und wie gelingt Translation? Perspektiven aus der Praxis" in the Journal Forschung & Lehre (in German).

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