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  • Stratifizierung von Herzinsuffizienz-Patienten auf der Grundlage des Phenomapping
  • Identifizierung von Biomarkern
  • Identifizierung patientenspezifischer Therapiemöglichkeiten (Präzisionsmedizin)
  • Klinische Proof-of-Concept-Studien zu entzündungshemmenden oder immunmodulatorischen Interventionen bei Patienten mit Herzinsuffizienz


Immunosuppression in inflammatory cardiomyopathy and parvovirus B19 persistence: providing evidence that patients with inflammatory cardiomyopathy and parvovirus B19 persistence without signs of systemic active infection may gain a similar long lasting and safe benefit from immunosuppressive treatment, as do virus-negative individuals.

Targeting CD20+ B lymphocytes in inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy with rituximab improves clinical course: illustrating that CD20+ B-lymphocyte persistence can play a pathophysiologic role in a subset of inflammatory dilated cardiomopathy patients and highlighting the potential of targeting CD20+ B cells in patients with prominent CD20+ B-lymphocyte persistence.

Management of myocarditis-related cardiomyopathy in adults: summarizing recent advances in translational research that influence the utility of endomyocardial biopsy for the management of inflammatory cardiomyopathies and emerging therapies for myocarditis based on these mechanistic hypotheses.

Lost in markers? Time for phenomics and phenomapping in dilated cardiomyopathy: adressing the need to stratify patients with dilated cardiomyopathy via omics-approaches (phenomics) and clinical parameters (phenomapping)

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Guest Researcher
Ahmed Elsanhoury, PhD student, ahmed.elsanhoury@charite.de

Dr. Uwe Kühl, MD, Uwe.Kühl@charite.de
Dr. Frank Spillmann, MD, Frank.Spillmann@charite.de
Monika Willner (heart failure study nurse), monika.willner@charite.de