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Multicenter preclinical trials are increasingly prominent as an option to improve translational success. Methods from clinical trials are not directly applicable to the preclinical scenario due to differences in total sample size, typical number of centers involved and in how samples change between centers, among other features. Multiple analysis strategies have been identified in preclinical trials published or under development, but there is no specific guidance available yet.

The goal of the present workshop is to address this gap. Participants are statisticians and methodologists with experience in preclinical research. The discussion will be structured around key guiding questions and selected case studies (with real-world datasets to work on).

A detailed program will be provided at a later date. The workshop will consist of activities on the specified date, with follow-up activities to generate a guideline publication.


Activities from the workshop and follow up meetings should generate a guideline for analysis options of multicenter preclinical trials.


Be part of a project accompanied by DECIDE or by invitation.

Technical Information

Date: 2023, May 16th

Time: all day, 9 am - 4 pm

Venue: online via Microsoft TEAMS

Registration is closed.

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