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BIH aims to train a new generation of translational scientists and has established different interlinked training programs. These include the funding of PhD students from different fields that work at the interface of basic and clinical research. The BIH Biomedical Academy will award annually up to 10 PhD project grants to support cross disciplinary research and training. The funding covers 3 years’ salary for a PhD student and an annual project allowance of 3000 €. BIH translational PhD grants fund newly designed translational projects for students starting a new PhD project rather than bridging funding gaps in current projects. The minimal requirements for project proposals include the concept of twinning. Here, a team of two supervisors, one from MDC and one from Charité respectively, conceive a joint project incorporating aspects of translational research and systems medicine*. Typical teams consist of a basic and a clinical researcher but basic/basic and clinical/clinical teams are not excluded, as long as the potential translational benefit of the proposal is convincing to the reviewers. Project proposals are selected for funding by a peer review process. The recruitment of students to accepted project proposals must be open, transparent and competitive. Students are required to join an affiliated graduate or research school and/or sign a supervision agreement with the supervisor team. (*In preparing your project proposal and, if applicable, your offer for a teaching contribution, please also see the annex on the BIH definitions of translation and systems medicine in the guide for applicants [download on the right hand side].)

Dates and deadlines

11 March 2015

Call for translational PhD project proposals online
15 April 2015Deadline for translational PhD project proposal submissions 
17 April – 15 May 2015 Peer review
18 May 2015Ranking of proposals and confirmation by the BIH Board of Directors   
19 May 2015Notification of successful project teams 
20 May 2015 and onwardsAnnouncement of projects selected for funding on the BIH website and recruitment of students to awarded projects
October 2015 – May 2016Start of PhD projects

For detailed information about this call, please see guide for applicants. 




Please direct any inquiries to BIH Biomedical Academy: academy@bihealth.de or call Dr. Iwan C. Meij (Tel. +49 30 450 543 022).