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Mission of the Symposium

Nowadays, many key players in science call for an open approach to failure and propose embracing it to learn and improve. We have therefore dedicated the BSRT Symposium 2018 to the 'Art of Failure' in the field of Regenerative Therapy research.

Science often shines like a masterpiece. However, in this unique Symposium we draw attention to the 'smears' in the scientific 'paintings'. By covering aspects of body failure, its limited ability to regenerate and how to address this failure by therapeutic approaches, we warmly encourage our keynote speakers and participants to discuss the failures behind their results. 



Confirmed exhibiting artists are:

  • Fabrisia Ambrosio (University of Pittsburg)
  • Thomas Bjarnsholt (University of Copenhagen)
  • Georgios Kararigas (Charité Berlin)
  • Daniel J. Kelly (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Sabine Middendorp (University Medical Center Utrecht)
  • Leif Sander (Charité Berlin)
  • Tatiana Sandoval Guzmán (CRTD Dresden)

Invited are also

  • Darrel Francis (Imperial College London)
  • Graziella Pellegrini (Centre for Regenerative Medicine "Stefano Ferrari")


28th-30th November 2018


Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies
Charité Campus Virchow Klinikum – Instituts Building South
Föhrerstr. 15 (view in google maps)
13353 Berlin


Registration Form

Early bird registration*

Deadline 31st July 2018
Fee 80€ (50€ for BSRT scientist)

Late registration*

Deadline 30th September 2018
Fee 130€ (100€ for BSRT scientist)

* registration fee covers the symposium attendance, a welcome package, all meals and refreshments, the Symposium Dinner