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Workshop Content

Communication and interpersonal skills are more and more a key factor for a successful career development. In particular, the ability to convey one's skills, personal attributes and experiences through effective communication skills can be crucial for a researcher’s career. But what steps should be taken to convey your job-related skills in a professional and congruent way? How could you promote yourself authentically? How could you handle challenging situations based on status games and hierarchical communication patterns? Which attitude do you need to transfer your ideas congruently? This training has self-promoting and persuasive communication skills for scientists in focus. Through this training, you will develop a precise idea of your own personal strengths and abilities. You will be enabled to develop a more authentic way of confidently representing your skills. Thus, the content and results of your presentation can be promoted with much higher persuasion. You will be able to identify different patterns of communication and work with the impact of specific status signals. Knowledge about these patterns could stimulate your career and your capability to promote your ideas in a suitable way to different target groups. It could encourage your negotiation skills and enables you to handle different situations of dominance, subordination, perceptions of competences based on different communicative signals.

Workshop Goals

  • Transferring knowledge about status games & hierarchical communication patterns as an analytical and guiding instrument for different work situations
  • Profiling/Personal communication capabilities (self perception and social perception)
  • Learning the different impacts of communicative traits
  • Explore how status impacts influence working environments and perception of competence
  • Improving negotiation tactics based on individual insights referring to results from role playing (using status-flexibility as a tool for negotiations)
  • Relaxation techniques for high performance situations and managing conflictive fright

Methods & Approaches

  • Individual Feedback Sessions by group/trainer
  • Interactive exercises/Voice and presence
  • Short inputs by the trainer with following exercises
  • Exercises for strategically communication skills
  • Potential Analysis
  • Hands on techniques for reducing stress reactions
  • Role Play

Introduction of Workshop Trainer Deborah Ruggieri

Deborah Ruggieri is a trainer and certified business coach with a focus on career development, leadership, gender and communication skills in successful conversation. Further trainings in social panorama, Harvard method, effective conducts of negotiations, Team Management System complete her skills. She has also professional experiences in leading teams up to 70 employees. Since 2010 she is working as a freelance trainer, coach and researcher. She is an expert for power talk, leadership skills, conducted negotiation, mentoring-processes and persuasive communication skills. In addition, she works in the scientific field of international economics, financial market policy and renewable energy from a Gender perspective. This event is organized by the BIH equal opportunity unit. If you have any questions or comments, please contact: kunze@bihealth.de.

Further Information

Participation Invited to participate are female PhDs and Post-Docs working in the joint research space of BIH. When? Where? How to register.
When18 November 2015 from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Please register until 15 October 2015 at kunze@bihealth.de. Participation is free of charge.