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Content and objectives

Every week has 7 days, 168 hours or 10080 minutes.... a lot of time to do a lot of things! Still, many of us suffer from the feeling of always having too little of it and are not sure what to do with it. What would you like to achieve professionally and privately? Do you want to pursue an academic career or do you rather see yourself outside of the ivory tower? What can you do with a scientific background? How to get there? What gives you joy and energy and on what do you want to spend your time? How to distribute it between your career, family, friends and hobbies. These are no easy questions with answers to be found in a text book- the “ideal time and career schedule” is simply too different from one person to the other.

During this seminar we will dive into the exciting world of career options and how to get there. We will think about our private ambitions and how to match them with our family and career? We will set doable goals and provide tools and ideas to optimise your time investment. Furthermore, we will discuss how to balance science and life in different contexts and how to plan your days in a flexible work environment.

The aim is not only to work more efficiently and to reduce personal “stress”, but also to be keen on undertaking the next professional step and to be successful in your career and your personal life.

About the trainer  

Dr. Karin Bodewits

  • Author and seminar leader in the areas of „Career- and time management“, „Self-presentation and networking“, “Intercultural communication and Genderlect”, and „Women and career“ for scientists

  • Scientist (chemistry and biology) with many years experience within well-known universities

  • Founder of NaturalScience.Careers

  • Comprehensive intercultural and international experiences (lived and worked in China, Spain, UK, the Netherlands, Germany)

  • Novel, short story and career column writer

  • Science slammer and science comedian




October 28+29, 2019
9 am - 5 pm


Berlin Institute of Health, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin


Participants: female PhD students, postdocs and clinicians working in the BIH translational research commons (BIH, Charité, MDC) are invited to join.


Please register by September 27, 2019 at equal.opportunity@bihealth.de