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Our goal is to bring together a group of ECRs from around the world who have been involved in or led initiatives to improve science. The discussion from the brainstorming day will form the basis for a paper, with all participants included as authors.

Some of the topics that we will discuss include:

  1. Why do we need ECRs to be involved in and lead efforts to improve scientific publishing and research culture?  
  2. What obstacles do ECRs face when working to improve scientific publishing and research culture?  
  3. How are these obstacles different for ECRs who work in countries with limited research funding, or for ECRs who are underrepresented minorities? 
  4. What kind of support do ECRs need for their efforts to improve scientific publishing and research culture? What actions can mentors, institutions, scientific societies, journals and research funders take? 
  5. Lessons learned: What can we learn from the experiences of brainstorming day participants? What has worked well, and what hasn’t worked? What do ECRs need to successfully launch their own initiatives? What do ECRs need to improve scientific publishing and research culture in established organizations (I.e. institutions, societies, journals, funding agencies)? 

We will draw upon participants’ shared experience by organizing a 2-day  Virtual Brainstorming Session (described briefly here: https://osf.io/c5gyz/). The session will be accompanied by virtual “coffee chats” and a virtual  Open  Space  to allow participants to get to know each other, share experiences and discuss the brainstorming questions or explore topics that emerge during the brainstorming.  

Because the course format is highly innovative, there is no open registration to this course. Participation will be by invitation.

Here you can find the new Publication "How to connect academics around the globe by organizing an asynchronous virtual unconference".


2020/09/08: Optional “Get-to-know-you” session for participants to meet others and talk in small groups. We will arrange several time slots to accommodate different time zones and schedules.

2020/09/09-10: Virtual brainstorming session using Microsoft Teams. Participants do not need to be active the entire time; the goal is for everyone to check the online discussion 2-5 times during the two-day period to read others’ thoughts and respond, discuss, or share your own ideas. You can also organize or participate in discussions with others using the virtual open space.

2020/09/11-18: Organizers will draft an outline of the paper based on discussions from the virtual brainstorming event and share the results with all participants for comments.

2020/09-10: Participants will be asked to comment on the draft manuscript, which will be submitted for publication in late October or November with all contributors listed as authors.


Tracey Weissgerber
PhD Senior Postdoc / Gruppenleiterin
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E-Mail: tracey.weissgerber@charite.de