META x DATA - building automated screening tools for data-driven meta-research

On October 15, 2019 the BIH QUEST Center hosts METAxDATA: lightning talks.

This is the first event in a series of workshops that aims to grow a community of data scientists and meta researchers sharing best practises and scalable approaches in data-intensive meta-research!

On day 1 we will host an evening full of lightning talks, discussions and fruitfull exchange. Everyone is welcome to register, though spots are limited due to physical space.
You can simply register or apply to present a project related to the event's theme during the lightning talks via our registration form!


  • 6:00 pm Introduction to QUEST or "Why do we Meta?“
  • 6:15 pm Lightning Talks
  • 7:30 pm Discussion, Drinks and Dinner

Lightning Talks

All the lightningtalks ⚡️ from day 1 are now online on Youtube.

All notes taken during the Unconference on day 2 are now available on the event's etherpad.

Here you will find the METAxDATA "MOOD-Video".