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Nearly a year since the official start of EU-funding of the RESTORE initiative, RESTORE partners and supporters will gather in Berlin to discuss and reflect upon the successes over the last 12 months and to look to the future. The event is taking place on Monday 17 February 2020 at Hotel Moa in Berlin and is open to all RESTORE supporters and partners.

The unifying goal of RESTORE is to make the promise of Advanced Therapies a reality for all patients in need, to ensure their implementation into clinical practice as affordable, standard of care therapy and to thereby enhance patient outcome with a high impact on European society and economy. Key to achieving these goals is the generation of a European ecosystem, which brings together all the players in the ATMP field, from clinical and basic research, technology development and engineering, to health economics, systems biology, regulatory processes and patient advocacy from leading academic, industrial and related stakeholders.  The workshop, aptly named the Momentum Workshop, aims to crystallise how to take the momentum gained from this first year in building up the RESTORE network and convert this into meaningful actions in 2020 and beyond.

The morning sessions of the workshop will have a strong focus on the objectives and future of RESTORE. In the same vein, there will be input from patient organisations, who will discuss their views on RESTORE and how to increase and encourage the participation of patient and patient organisations in the development of Advanced Therapies.

The afternoon will have a more regulatory focus. The future of next generation ATMP approaches (iPSC, gene editing, cross-country studies and applications, etc.) in clinical practice and increasing their accessibility to patients is strongly dependent on setting up an appropriate regulatory framework. This is necessary not only to accelerate the availability of ATMPs on the market, but also to ensure that this is achieved in a safe and reproducible way. There will be speakers, including Toni Cathomen (University of Freiburg, Germany), Stephen Sullivan (GAiT) and Johan Van Eldere (UZ Leuven, Leuven, Belgium), who will be discussing regulatory aspects associated with iPSC, CRISPR and CAR T cell therapy.

Although the initial FET-flagship funding programme was cancelled, we, as RESTORE, will not let that deter us from continuing to forge a pathway through the exciting landscape of ATMP development. Please join us on the 17th Feb 2020 to take part in interesting discussions, learn more about specific regulatory issues and to help shape the future of the RESTORE large-scale research initiative.

For more information about RESTORE and the RESTORE workshop please visit our website:


17 February 2020
9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Mercure Hotel MOA
Stephanstraße 41
10559 Berlin


Please register here, using the following log-in:
Username: extreg
Password: m_yoa!3h