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In entrepreneurship, ideas and solutions need to be innovative if they want to survi­ve on the market. One of the key assets for a new startup is the team. Research has shown, that diverse teams are the most successful, because they come up with more creative ideas and products and they tend to be more flexible and agile. For success­ful translation, all resources need to be activated and innovative concepts are man­datory. In this evening’s forum, we will highlight the concept of female entrepre­neurship, which is synonymous to an innovative approach to tackle entrepreneurial challenges. This means not only to involve more female talent in and at the forefront of entrepreneurial teams, but also to embrace new concepts of how solutions may be created.

Prof. Stephanie Birkner teaches and lives female entrepreneurship. She will tell us how success of startups can be measured not only by using currently available key performance indicators, but that female entrepreneurship is able to create totally new categories of success. Stephanie will vividly explain to us, that female entrepre­neurship is about both the biography of single women and the work concept of an entire industry.

Prof. Dolores Schendel is a successful academic entrepreneur heading one of the very few highly successful biotech companies that can be proud of having a female CEO. Dolores will tell us about her rich experiences in the field and share her lessons learned for entrepreneurs, eager to enter the scene.


February 13, 2018
17:00 - 19:00


Virchowweg 6
CCO Auditorium