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Carrying your idea from the project phase out of academia to the market requires many di_ erent skills. While some skills can be acquired over time, others may require you to be open-minded, respectful, trustful and be ready to adapt. Bootstrapping and lean approaches are a prerequisite for startups or any early stage project. The rationale behind adhering to lean and bootstrapping at an early phase is to allow yourself to rapidly test your basic assumptions, maintain the focus on priorities and iterate fast while making small and necessary improvements to bring the project to the next stage. _ is should lower the error rate and the high cost of building a full solution before testing the need and usability of its components. Vedrana is an entrepreneur who spent close to 15 years in academic research. She combines her passion for empowering people around their health and love for sensor technology to build meaningful products. Vedrana was Director of Scientic Research at Clue, a multi-million user female health company, and is now a co-founder and a CEO of BOOST. BOOST is building the solution for preventing long-term health problems caused by autoimmune diseases. Vedrana is a public speaker, mentor and an advocate for diversity in both tech and academia. In her talk, she will share her insights on the topic, especially the “fuck-ups” to avoid, and how to stay positive in challenging times. In the start-up club to follow - which we lauch for the first time - we have invited several entrepreneurs from various areas that will share their experiences with us, and with whom you will have the opportunity to ask questions and network with. Although not all of their experiences have been successes, each and every one has been valuable. We hope that this will be an exciting opportunity to enrich perspectives and build networks amongst our community!