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Digital Health is one of today‘s buzz words and obviously a challenging task, because having a great digital solution for healthcare problems that can help healthcare providers, hospitals and patients does not automatically mean that the solution reaches those who need it. One of the challenges is how to best turn a digital solution into a working business model, especially if you are an academic inventor. Unlike other academic inventions, classical patent protection is not common practice for digital products, but rather a combined set of strategies are necessary to move the solution forward. There are different ways of how to access the market and distinguish your product from others, and different ways of how to start a business. This evening‘s Entrepreneurial Forum will highlight different aspects of business models, particularly the importance of certifying digital products as medical products in order to improve their credibility and value, and the role this plays for reimbursement strategies to get the solution going in the marketplace. We look forward to an interesting discussion with Christian Lautner, co-founder of Flying Health, who will highlight the strategy supported by a venture capitalist specializing in digital health. He will share his experiences with us, especially with regards to what partners such as the insurers need here. Michael Scherrer from Caterna Vision has successfully placed a digital product on the market, and will share some „secrets“ of a digital health company with us.


December 5th, 2017
5:00 - 7:00 PM


Virchowweg 6
CCO Auditorium