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David Moher "The Quest for Better Behavior in Science"

Frank Miedema "New Incentives and Rewards for Better Science: the Dean‘s Perspective"

Daniel Strech "Effective and Efficient Bioethics of Translation! How To?"

Trish Groves "Open Science: Why It‘s Much More Than Simply Data Sharing (and Why That‘s Not Simple)"

Ivan Oransky "Retractions, Post-Publication Peer Review and Fraud"

Ernst Hafen "Genome Meets iPhone – Citizen-Controlled Use of Personal Data for Research"

Londa Schiebinger "Gendered Innovations in Health and Medicine"


The Center for Transforming Biomedical Research of the Berlin Institute of Health was founded in 2017. The acronym QUEST represents its main themes Quality | Ethics | Open Science | Translation. QUEST strives to maximize the quality, reproducibility, generalizability, and validity of BIH research. Ultimately, QUEST aims to foster a change in the culture of academic biomedicine even beyond the BIH, towards greater scientific rigour, transparency, as well as academic rewards and incentives conducive to sound science.

By conducting meta-research and providing education, tools and services, QUEST addresses topics such as quality assurance in research, bioethics of translation, open science, rewards & incentives, as well as citizen science. QUEST is directed by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl, who also heads the Department of Experimental Neurology at the Charité.