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Are you a PhD student ready to navigate the challenges of public speaking?  Join us in our specially tailored workshop that combines the vigor of neuroscience, tenderness of artistic practices, and the wisdom of embodied techniques. We aim to create an environmental explorative space that nurtures and empowers you.

You can expect a journey of self-research and personal growth through our interactive sessions. We blend artistic and embodied practices, experience based learning to build your confidence from the inside out. We understand that public speaking fears are universal and quite unique, and we respect your place and pace.

Session one: November 15th 2024, 9:30-16:45
Follow-up session: December 13th 2024, 9:30-16:45

Session 1: Getting to know Anxiety: Delve into the fascinating world of neuro-psychophysiology and how it relates to anxiety in public speaking. We balance theory with artistic and embodied practices, offering you a profound understanding of what's happening in your embodied mind. Engaging discussions and practical exercises lay the foundation for transforming our relationship with our subject of study: Anxiety. 

Session 2: Practice creates art: In this session, we will reconnect and you'll have a supportive space to practice public presence and speaking. We equip you with valuable tools, techniques, and personalized feedback to support you in your growth process and gently cha(lle)nge yourself.
Between sessions, you'll receive carefully curated homework assignments to reinforce the concepts and practices covered in the workshop. 

By the end of our workshop, you'll emerge with a deeper sense of embodied self-awareness, practical and theoretical knowledge to build up a refreshed relation to your system. 
Don't let fear hold you back – join us on this embracing journey and discover through this multidisciplinary approach a new way to make public speaking an art process. 



early career scientists 

Session one: November 15th 2024, 9:30-16:45
Follow-up session: December 13th 2024, 9:30-16:45

Spreepalais, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2; Berlin

Please register via equal.opportunity@bih-charite.de