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Unconference sessions
1) Scientist wanted
Scientist wanted sessions are an opportunity to briefly introduce an aspect of your project where you are missing specific expertise or would like consultation from someone at BIH. More information below.

2) Working conditions at the BIH - what is needed to create a positive working environment
Together with the scientists at the symposium, we would like to discuss about existing (power) structures and inequalities and how to overcome exclusion mechanisms so that everyone working and doing research at the BIH can reach their full potential. Scientific excellence needs diversity and people with various backgrounds and experiences, and we must make sure, that we create structures and shape a working culture, which is inclusive and supportive for everyone.

3) Turning Cells into Solutions: Advancements in Next-Gen Therapeutics
Next generation therapeutics such as nucleic acid delivery, protein-based targeted therapeutics and cell therapies have encountered a substantial market boom in the past 15 – 20 years, with multiple strategies successfully translating from bench-side to bed. In this session, we not only want to spark collaborations between BIH scientists working on groundbreaking therapies, but also initiate intriguing discussions, ultimately aiming that all participants are able to expand their (theoretical or experimental) horizons.

4) Artificial intelligence @ BIH
This session aims to connect researchers on AI topics to enhance collaboration and streamline activities across BIH on how AI tools are used in our work.

5) Healthcare data: In & Out – enabling healthcare data sharing for precision medicine and the role of patient involvement
Description: This unconference session aims to discuss themes of enabling healthcare data sharing using privacy-preserving techniques, implementing secure data-sharing platforms, precise documentation for utilizing precision medicine techniques, and strategies to increase patient involvement.
Please select two Unconference sessions you are currently most interested in:
Pitch in the “Scientist wanted” Unconference session:

If you are currently looking for some advice on a method, consulting on a scientific topic or simply need some help for a specific task (e.g., expertise on Western Blots OR need of a bioinformatician to do RNA-seq analysis OR advise on which methods to choose from to approach your current scientific question XY?) – NOW it’s your chance to seek support!
1.) Registration for Scientist wanted session *
Your topic description will be shared with the general audience and those who would like to further discuss the topic can join the Scientist wanted session. During the session itself the contributing participants will have the chance to elaborate on their topic (2-5min) and then can start an in-depth discussion in round table formats (up to 5 people).
In doubt or in case of further questions- please reach out tobih-symposium@bih-charite.de
Workshop Sessions:
1) Efficient communication in project environments
This session will discuss the importance and challenges of communication strategies in research projects. You will learn about appropriate tools for communication set-ups in projects to foster transparency and project success and a strategy on how to deal with stakeholders.

2) Sex bias in science
Participants will gain insight into sex biases in scientific research and its implications. A current example will be discussed.

3) Mastering workplace diplomacy: Strengthening your inner mindset and outer behaviour

Participants will get a short insight into navigating challenging workplace scenarios by strengthening their mindset and establish a growth-oriented perspective, additionally to using communication skills to fine-tune their outward behaviour, enabling them to foster constructive dialogue, and transform workplace tensions into opportunities for growth and collaboration.
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