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We take education and training of young researchers very serious. We offer internshipsBachelorMaster and PhD projects throughout the year. Please feel welcome to contact us for further information if you want to join our young and vibrant team.

We have been involved in the Molecular Biotechnology Bachelor and Master program at the University of Heidelberg for many years. More recently, we were included in the Bioinformatics Bachelor and Master courses at Freie Universität Berlin. In addition, we offer cloud workshops in the context of de.NBI.

Upcoming courses will be advertised through our News feed or at https://www.denbi.de/training.

Teaching in Berlin

This summer term, we are offering two projects for the course “Software management in Bioinformatics” at the Freie Universität Berlin. In student-led groups, the participants will have the opportunity to solidify the programming skills in a collaborative coding environment and delve into applied health data science. Project A is dealing with multi-omics integration in delir prevention. The students will develop workflows and implement models to predict delir at a pre-operative stage, relying on clinical, genetic and outcome data. Project B is image-centered and will explore the possibility of representation learning approaches on medical images. The students will setup necessary data augmentation and pre-processing pipelines, train auto encoder models and explore the resulting feature space.