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The Core Unit Bioinformatics (CUBI) provides bioinformatics and data analysis expertise by combining an increasing portfolio of standardized omics data processing workflows with projects specific solutions and service in bioinformatics, exploratory statistics, visualization, data mining, machine learning and data integration. Projects are performed in an iterative and incremental manner realizing a frequent exchange with researcher and clinicians on intermediate results, data interpretation, analysis refinement and future analysis directions. We are happy to consult on design of your NGS experiments and also provide bioinformatics input for grant applications.

Our SODAR (system for omics data access and retrieval) provides F.A.I.R. data management for raw omics data, the corresponding meta data and processing results and logs. as well as efficient access to current analysis results. Further domain specific bioinformatics systems empower scientist and clinician in accessing and interpreting their omics results.

CUBI team, resources and services are described in detail on the unit website:

We are also responsible for the operation of the BIH high performance compute cluster. The HPC team, resources and service are described in detail on the HPC website:




Dr. Altuna Akalin: BIMSB, Leiter Bioinformatics Platform Prof. Nils Blüthgen*: Computational Modelling in Medicine, Charité
Prof. Uwe Ohler: Computational Regulatory Genomics Prof. Hans-Peter Herzel: Theoretical Chronobiology, ITB - Institute of Theoretical Biology (HU und Charite)
Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky: Direktor BIMSB, Group „Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements“ Prof. Peter Nick Robinson: Computational Biology, Prof. Medical Genomics
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Dr. Dieter Beule

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