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The Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) is awarding the BIH Excellence Award for Sex and Gender Aspects Health Research every second year since 2017. Sex- and gender-based studies and analyses are crucial to expand our knowledge and understanding of health and disease and enhance the scientific quality of the results. 

The award aims to promote sex and gender issues in translational research and increase visibility for these topics. It recognizes research excellence among scientists working in the field of biomedicine, who can show how accounting for sex and gender in translational research improves their research project and make the outcomes and results more useful.  

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Zitat Jaenette

It has been known for many years that the risk of a heart attack is also genetically determined. Recently, we have been able to identify risk factors that affect men and women differently. With our project, we want to contribute to a better understanding of gender differences and thus also pave the way for personalised medicine.

Prof. Dr. Jeanette Erdmann

Zitat Ralph

Modern drug discovery, drug development and personalized health care are incomplete without gender medicine, not only but especially in cardiovascular medicine.

Prof.Dr. Ralph Knöll

Award Winners

  • BIH Excellence Award 2021

    Jeanette Erdmann of the Universität zu Lübeck and Ralph Knöll of Karolinska Institutet and Astra Zeneca in Stockholm are the recipients of this year’s BIH Excellence Award for Sex and Gender Aspects.

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  • BIH Excellence Award 2017

    In early December 2017, a jury of international experts selected two winners from the pool of internationally renowned applicants who stood out with their different research approaches.

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