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Over the next six months, the teams will intensively drive the realization of their Digital Health product ideas through demand, technology, and market validation as part of BIH DHA Stage 1.

The following projects are newly funded:

  • Dr. med. Wolfgang Bauer und Noa Galtung, Charité: Machine learning enhanced test for infections and sepsis (METIS)
  • Dr.-Ing. Philipp Damm und Dr.-Ing. Mark Heyland, BIH: Fracture fixation planning for model-based assessment of fracture mechanics
  • David Haslacher, M.Sc., und Orestis Rakitzis, M.Sc., Charité: Smartphone-based personalized auditory stimulation to enhance cognition and memory
  • PD Dr. med. Maria Margarete Karsten und Dr. Therese Pross, Charité: Invasive lobular breast cancer digital aid (IDA)
  • Andrea Kreichgauer, M.Sc., Charité: dotPD - data-driven optimization of Parkinson’s disease
  • PD Dr. med. Christian Meisel, Charité: Multimodal Digital Ecosystem for Ambulatory Epilepsy Management (DEEM)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Schlomm und Dr. rer. nat. Annika Fendler, Charité: An organoid-based machine learning classifier to predict treatment response in muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Together with seven project teams in Stage 2, the BIH DHA program is currently supporting 14 project teams in the development of digital health products. In addition to funding, the support includes professional mentoring by international experts, access to networks of development partners, talent, industry partners and investors, as well as an interdisciplinary working environment in the BIH "Digital Labs" co-working space.

So far, nine spin-offs have emerged from the BIH DHA program. More information on the BIH DHA program: https://www.bihealth.org/de/digital-health-accelerator.

BIH wishes the teams much success with their translation projects!