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"Tech-Transfer in a Box- Good Distribution Practice for Biological Material and Cell Based Medical Products” -A Praxis Guide for Scientists" Peter Hammer, CEO CT² Solutions GmbH


Various aspects regarding planning, processing, monitoring & documentation of shipments containing sensitive and valuable biological material following Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or even human in-process materials will be presented (Import regulations/ customs/ adequate shipping containers/ preserving the quality of the shipment). This will also cover shipments into countries with complex shipping regulations, like the USA.

The respective in-house procedures at Charité and MDC will be presented by Frau Tide Voigt (Charité, Umwelt- und Gefahrgutbeauftragte, Berlin) and by Frau Dietl (MDC, AG Sicherheit, Berlin-Buch). The seminar will be held in English.


28 October 2015, 4 to 6 p.m.


Charité - Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK)
Room 0.043, BCRT
Föhrer Straße 15
13353 Berlin


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