Call for Proposals: Boehringer Ingelheim & BIH Research Funding Award

BIH is happy to announce a first call for research proposals in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Research Beyond Borders. All researchers, scientists and employees of BIH, Charité and MDC are invited to apply with a research idea.

Selected projects will receive up to €100,000 in funding for a maximum project time of 12 months research work. At the end of the project we hope there will be mutual interest to continue working on the topic with Boehringer under a new extended research collaboration.

Details of the Call and the process of application can be found in the PDF links. We invite you to submit proposals keeping in mind that this program has pre-agreed terms, which might not be appropriate for some projects and might exclude these from participating in the program. These terms cover, among other aspects, intellectual property rights, regulations regarding publications, material transfer aspects, and who can be involved in the projects. The answers to the most frequently asked question can be found in the FAQs which can be requested from us.

You are obliged to seek advice from your Technology Transfer Office before you formally submit your research proposal to us. This is in your best interests as a researcher so that you are aware of the terms of the Call and have received advice on any commercial implication and necessary protection or ownership topics of your research. 

Short List Invite Day

All applicants must hold the date and be available to attend the Short List Invite Day on Sept. 30, 2019 if your project is short listed. You will be notified about your selection by Sept. 20, 2019.

This is a special face-to-face meeting day where the project teams will meet the Boehringer Ingelheim scientists and department leaders to discuss in detail your proposal. At the end of the Short List Invite Day, the Boehringer Ingelheim and BIH committee will decide on the projects that will receive funding.

Important Dates

July 22, 2019: Call opens

Sep. 2, 2019: Call closes at 11:59 pm

Sep. 20, 2019: Notification of Selection for Short List Invite Day

Sep. 30, 2019: Short List Invite Day

Oct. 14, 2019: Notification of Selection for Funding