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In response to the call for project proposals, Charité received a total of 19 applications, of which 10 projects were ultimately selected. By the end of June, the selected startups had the opportunity to rank their applications, which were then subjected to careful review by the IIA. The announcement of the eligible projects was made at the end of September.

The following projects are eligible for support:

1. Agado Live: This project focuses on movement therapy for multiple sclerosis (PI: Prof. Stefan Gold and Prof. Friedemann Paul),

2. Curespec: This project is dedicated to the therapy of hypertension and the improvement of kidney function, delaying the onset of dialysis with an innovative medical device (PI: Prof. Markus van der Giet),

3. Minovia Therapeutics Ltd.: This project is in the field of cell and mitochondrial augmentation therapy (PI: Dr. Dr. Leif S. Ludwig).

These funding commitments impressively illustrate the enormous potential of this collaboration between Israel and Germany. Even for the projects that did not receive funding, future collaboration with Charité outside the IIA project is not excluded.

Regrettably, this call for funding was overshadowed by the recent events in Israel, which could possibly lead to delays in the projects. We reiterate our full commitment and support to work together to overcome the challenges and move forward with the promising projects.

In the coming months, we will be working intensively on the draft contracts and detailed project planning for the funded projects, with the goal of finalizing the contracts by the end of this year.