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With the launch of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) Fellowship Program in the priority area "Advancing Research Quality and Value", the BIH QUEST Center welcomes two new Visiting Fellows.

Prof. Dr. Frank Miedema, Vice Rector for Research at Utrecht University, Professor of Open Science and Chair of the Open Science Program. (Start: September 2022)

He is one of the world leaders in implementing Open Science in biomedicine and one of the initiators of "Science in Transition". As a BUA Visiting Fellow, he will be particularly involved in the Reforming Research Assessment initiative as well as the OpenX initiative.

Dr. Ugo Moschini, from the Data Analysis Office of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). (Start: January 2023)

He will share with his colleagues on Open Science monitoring practices and techniques using dashboards, and on research information systems and research data.

As part of the Incoming Fellowships funding line of the BUA Fellowship Program, Frank Miedema and Ugo Moschini will support and complement the members of the QUEST Center in research and implementation projects.