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Content and objectives

Workshop participants will be invited to explore how they perceive themselves professionally in terms of their values, communication skills, ideas about leadership, personal leadership roles, and various other positions and roles in the workplace. By creatively exploring their own self-image and their personal patterns of successful communication, they will be encouraged to make the concept of professional leadership/roles visible and usable as another means of unlocking their own skills. A key ingredient for all successful communication/leadership is relationship management. Relationships thrive on successful contextual communication. By examining communication patterns in their own organizational culture, their personal strengths, and how they deal with power and status games, participants will be inspired to expand their communicative skills horizon and apply such skills effectively in their day-to-day professional lives.


Inputs; short lectures; exercises in rhetoric; personal coach feedback and feedback rounds; small group exercises; Zurich Resource Model’s “idea basket” (Maja Storch); interactive exercises/role play; professional tricks and techniques for everyday use

About the trainer

Deborah Ruggieri is a communication and management trainer as well as a certified business coach and lecturer. She has several years of management experience as a team and project leader, and worked for many years as a project manager and PR officer for NGOs. She is regularly invited to speak at national and international events and conferences. Deborah Ruggieri’s research focuses on gender issues in economic and financial policy, as well as gender, the environment, and sustainability. Website


September 25 + 26, 2018
09:30- 16:30


Berlin Institute of Health, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin


Participants: female PhD students, postdocs and clinicians working in the BIH translational research commons (BIH, Charité, MDC) are invited to join.


Please register by September 10, 2018 at  Karin Höhne, Equal Opportunity, karin.hoehne@bihealth.de