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If we can understand more about why tumor cells display these embryonic characteristics, it might be possible to develop more effective therapeutic interventions. In our group, we compare the characteristics and behavior of embryonic cells with those occurring in different cancers. We use single-cell technologies to investigate genetic programs in abnormal cells and see how they are affected by their tissue environment. Our goal is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how tumor cells utilize embryonic programs that can be used to improve early detection of cancers and develop more effective treatments.

Selected Publications

Grosswendt, S.*, Kretzmer, H.*, Smith, Z.D.*, Kumar A.S., Hetzel, S., Wittler, L., Klages, S., Timmermann, B., Mukherji, S., and Meissner, A.
Epigenetic regulator function through mouse gastrulation
Nature 2020, *equal contribution

Basu, S.*, Mackowiak, S.D.*, Niskanen, H., Knezevic, D., Asimi, V., Grosswendt, S., Geertsema, H., Ali, S., Jerkovic, I., Ewers, H., Mundlos, S., Meissner, A., Ibrahim, D.M., and Hnisz, D.
Unblending of Transcriptional Condensates in Human Repeat Expansion Disease
Cell 2020, *equal contribution

Chan, M.M.*, Smith, Z.D.*, Grosswendt, S., Kretzmer, H., Norman, T.M., Adamson, B., Jost, M., Quinn, J.J., Yang, D., Jones, M.G., Khodaverdian, A., Yosef, N., Meissner, A. and Weissman, J.S.
Molecular recording of mammalian embryogenesis
Nature 2019, *equal contribution

PhD students

Tobias Christaller
Philipp Stachel-Braum

Dr. Stefanie Grosswendt

Contact information
Address:Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology
MDC Berlin-Mitte
Hannoversche Str. 28

10115 Berlin
Phone:+49 30 9406 1427