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At the Clinical Research Unit at the Virchow Clinic of the Charité, Julius Rummich and Nadine Külzow gave the girls an insight into clinical studies. During an intelligence test and ultrasound examinations, the girls were allowed to become active themselves and thought about how scientists and doctors can develop new ideas to treat diseases.

Also at the Virchow Clinic of the Charité a small group of people asked what blood consists of and what we can read in the blood. Under the guidance of Claudia Hayford, the girls were allowed to pipette and analyse samples themselves in the laboratory.

The third group visited the Institute of Biometry and Clinical Epidemiology at the Charité and learned statistical methods and their significance for clinical studies with the help of jelly babies. Geraldine Rauch, Carolin Herrmann, Nulifar Akbari, Sofya Marchenko and Oliver Schweizerhof answered all the girls' questions and introduced them playfully to the topic of statistics.

We thank all participants for their commitment!