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On 28.09.21 the kick-off of the BIH Design & Co-Create offer took place with an evening of lectures on the subject of “Need-Based Innovation & Participatory Health”.

On this evening, the medical translation was thought through from the end and discussed how patients and their needs can provide impetus and drivers for the development of new (digital) diagnostics and therapies. Charité BIH Innovation (CBI) and in specific BIH Design & Co-Create invited to lectures and discussions about new forms of interaction between doctors and patients, PROMs, value-based healthcare and the uncovering of patient needs for the development of new, innovative health solutions.

BIH Design&Co-Create could win Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Harun Badakhshi, Dr. Valerie Kirchberger and Dansuch Mahmoudi as speakers for the evening:

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Harun Badakhshi, Clinic Director of the Clinic for Radiation Oncology, Ernst von Bergmann Clinic, Potsdam, and professor Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, put the topic “What is education in a medical context” at the center of his lecture. He reported on his collaboration with communication science students at the university Leipzig on the subject of "Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment" in relation to medicine and science communication.

The expert for value-based healthcare Dr. Valerie Kirchberger, Chief Medical Officer of heartbeat medical solutions GmbH, reported on the alignment of medical care with measurable and patient-centered treatment quality. She impressively demonstrated the value of the data reported for the innovative strength of clinics.

The designer Danusch Mahmoudi, Managing Director of the design agency Designit in Germany presented Designit's work with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a clinical partner and patients with a neuromuscular disease to develop patient-oriented digital services and presented some of the working methods used.

Afterwards, the audience used the opportunities of the face-to-face event for an extensive discussion and interaction with the speakers, on stage during the final discussion, as well as afterwards during networking.

BIH Design & Co-Create is an offer from BIH Digital Labs, which supports all Charité and BIH employees and enables them to further develop their ideas for digital health solutions.

We convey methods from user research, medical design, experience design and advise on all aspects of medical / clinical need and patient experience in various formats such as experience design consultation hours, workshops, ideathons and innovation sprints.