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*These external mentoring programmes are explicitly aimed at women scientists, but at the BIH we specifically also want to support people with a trans*, inter* or non-binary gender identity in their scientific careers. For this reason, the Equal Opportunities Office offers the possibility to contact the mentoring programmes to find a suitable individual solution. If you are interested, please send an email to karin.höhne(at)bih-charite.de or celia.prast(at)bih-charite.de.


Charité Mentoring Programm für Wissenschaftlerinnen

From September onwards, the Mentoring Program at the Charité, now already successfully implemented on multiple occasions, is requesting and sponsoring qualified and dedicated female academics for a period of twelve months who will be guided by individuals of high repute in research, business, academic administration, and clinical areas.

Application Deadline: 01.07.2023

ProFiL. Professionalization of Women in Research and Teaching: Mentoring – Training – Networking

By combining mentoring, seminars and training sessions on issues of specific interest to academics with strategic networking, the ProFiL Programme promotes the career development of its participants. For a period of one year, they will receive support to further develop their careers and prepare them for the leadership and management tasks of a professor in the context of current forms of higher education management. 

Application Deadline: 26.05.23

Perrett Laver und Berlin Research 50 Mentorinnen-Programm für weibliche Führungskräfte

BR50 and the international executive search firm Perrett Laver joined forces and developed a cross-sectoral Mentoring Program to overcome the gender inequality and gender pay gap and to support women to achieve top-level positions.
The program addresses aspiring and experienced female scientists or science managers of the BR50 institutions, female talents in the cultural sector and at Perrett Laver who are eager to reach a leadership role within their own or another sector, such as the private, the public service/government, and/or the non-profit ones.
The program will start in October 2023 and offer workshops, mentorships, events and give the opportunity to network with other inspiring women from different sectors.

Application Deadline: 19.05.2023

German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) Mentoring

The GSCN Mentoring Program is a new project of the GSCN working group “Career Development”. The aim of the program is to support young scientists up to the level of young group leaders in their search for a career path that fits the personal visions, abilities and needs. During our careers in science, we often stand at crossroads, having to take tough decisions. This one-year-mentoring-program offers a one-of-a-kind chance to obtain orientation and guidance during the decision making process by established stem cell researchers in Germany and experts working outside academia in related fields such as industry, communication, or science management.

Application Deadline: 31.05.23