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Prof. Axel R. Pries, Chairman of the Board of BIH and Dean of Charité Berlin, will chair the workshop "European Initiatives for Health Research and Development" together with Prof. Karin R. Sipido, KU Leuven.
Global partnerships in health research make innovations and better health possible. Using examples, the workshop examines the opportunities and needs of joint European health research and global partnerships.

Prof. Christine Goffinet, BIH Professor of Virology, will discuss the topic "Securing Political Leadership for Global Health to Accelerate the Elimination of Communicable Diseases" with politicians and civil society.
We have the most technologies and tools needed to eliminate communicable diseases in the world. Against this background, politicians* are now faced with the task of creating the framework conditions for the best possible use of these tools. Research also continues to play an important role: in the question of new vaccines and better therapies and how to implement them in different countries around the world.

Prof. Christof von Kalle, BIH Chair for Clinical Translation Sciences, will address the panel on "Artificial Intelligence for Health: How to ensure Quality".
Representatives* from universities, research institutes, multinational companies, federal agencies and non-profit organizations from different continents will discuss the topic. Despite these differences, all speakers share a common goal: ensuring that AI solutions for patient health are safe.

More information on exciting workshops and discussions can be found on the World Health Summit 2019 website: https://www.worldhealthsummit.org


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