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The Participatory Health Research Network (PartNet) has consisted of actors from science and practice since 2007. It promotes participatory health research in German-speaking countries, among other things by developing definitions, quality criteria and guidelines and numerous networking activities. PartNet is also a member of the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research (ICPHR).


WG Citizen Science in Medicine and Health Research

How is Citizen Science implemented in medicine and health research? What special features, what opportunities, but also what challenges are associated with the involvement of patients and citizens in health research? In order to continuously work on these and other questions, the working group has been newly founded in 2021. Interested parties are cordially invited to learn more about the idea of the working group and the first steps and to actively participate in shaping it.


WG Quality and Impact of Engagement Processes

In this working group we want to collect different perspectives and visions on the topic "Quality and Impact of Participation Processes", e.g. which preconditions have to be given so that a successful patient engagement can succeed.

Further information

Patient & Stakeholder Engagement @Charité

Via Microsoft Teams, an exchange platform was created in which researchers at Charité who are interested in the topic of active patient involvement can network with each other and share experiences. In addition, news about PSE is shared via this platform. People with and without previous experience are welcome!

Interested persons can contact Sarah Weschke.

environMENTAL – Reducing the impact of major environmental challenges on mental health

The EnvironMENTAL project investigates how some of the greatest global environmental challenges, climate change, urbanisation, and psychosocial stress caused by the COVID19-pandemic affect brain health during the lifespan, and aims to develop prevention and early intervention measures. The project has established a Stakeholder Board as part of its programme on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). This is to enable two-way dialogue with patients, citizens and other key stakeholders throughout the project. Sarah Weschke is part of the Stakeholder Board. The project is funded by the European Union.

Stakeholder Board